What an IT solution company should offer when on the search

October 25, 2018

As they say in business, ‘time is money’ and that could not be truer in the modern era. A website that is down for even a few minutes may see users leave in bundles in search of your competition that might be able to provide the service that you could not. As the world revolves around online interaction, it is why IT support companies have become an integral part when it comes to the success of a business. An IT support team can be hired to function like the internal IT department of your business and handle the servers, networks and data hosting. By letting a professional team tackle your online solutions, your staff resources can be allocated elsewhere knowing if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed in no time at all. This guarantee is hard to come by and to find a support company that meets your needs, there is a lot of research to be conducted. Here is what to look for in a managed IT services in Melbourne and cities throughout the country.

What can they offer you

Before selecting a managed IT solution provider in Melbourne, always check that they will provide you with a team that is able to identify potential threats to your network and threats that might pose a risk to your network, files and server. This is one of the most core functions of a solutions provider. A support team should be able to conduct an IT health check of your systems and determine if they are operating as efficiently as they are meant to. Businesses that regularly experience network disruptions caused by either the system, email or internet outages need the assistance of an IT support company. Support teams from Acclaim IT, for example, would not only provide these services but also advise you in getting comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans and providing business grade security solutions. This is the kind of team that you want on your side.

Money talks

Because not all businesses have an enormous budget for their IT solutions, so do find out if the support company offers services at different price ranges and what packages they might have. Some companies will offer services such 24/7 network and server monitoring, proactive server and workstation maintenance, unlimited network, server and workstation support. For companies, such offers come in different packages and the IT company should be able to advise you on which package is suitable for your business. Will you have to pay extra for scheduled maintenance tasks that include patching, firmware updates and system optimization that will ensure that your IT systems are not only secure but also up to date to deal with any threats. These packages will help you decide on what makes this IT company different from all the others.

Who have they worked with

Every IT solutions company should have a list of references or list of clients they previously worked with on their website and social media platforms. This is to not prove to the customer that they are capable, but you can also gauge their experience and how well they work with various projects. Customer reviews are the best way to find out if they are easy to contact for support, are they prompt and professional and do they have a great track record with other customers and did they find a solution to the problem. Don’t be shy in contacting any of the references to validate their sources and to alleviate your fears. Their previous work should either bring you comfort and satisfaction knowing they can produce similar and even better results. If at this point you are not sold by the company, do contact them as well and ask all your burning questions about what they can offer your business. Maybe they can tailor their services to meet your needs.

Losing customers to your business competition because of a slow website or has an error everytime a user tries to access it is terrible. This is especially true even among the most loyal of users. If they don’t get instant access to the products you offer, they will go elsewhere and not return to your website. Hiring an IT solutions company to handle all of your network capabilities ensures that any issues that crop up will be dealt with in a speedy manner.  

Save money and get the right server for your business

Who does not like having their cake and eating it? In this case, I am not talking about the cake but more about server hosting in Melbourne. This is a concept that allows companies to remotely access a server platforms’ memory and disk to store their data and power their applications without the need to shoulder the burden of maintenance costs. A business that wants to go at it alone will have to spend large sums of money purchasing server hardware, have a dedicated IT team, ensuring that there are appropriate redundancy measures and security as well as the process of installing everything onsite.  By doing this, companies also avoid having to buy their own servers, configuring it themselves, and paying for training and updates. It is the perfect setup for companies that are just starting up and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Cloud has become the latest trend businesses have looked towards when it comes to server hosting. The cloud is highly recommended for small businesses and start-ups as it provides disk space and power as you need it. Those that use cloud pay a monthly fee which can be adjusted based on need. What works well for the cloud is that there is no enormous amount of investment needed so a business saves money. It also provides flexibility as it is accessible anywhere network is which means your staff can work no matter where they are. IT cloud solutions are available in Melbourne and this will help move many things such as billing and web applications onto the cloud and rest easy knowing they are safe.

There is the choice of managed hosting which is leasing server resources for on-site use and the company that does so can have full control of the hardware and operating system and does not have to maintain it. This option is a bit expensive but is still better than having your own. With managed hosting, although there are varying performance and availability of service to contend with, you can relax when it comes to the maintenance of the hardware and let your business on more pressing demands. By using managed hosting, you can be set up in a matter of minutes to a few hours and not have to wait days to get started.  Getting assistance from a company such as an Acclaim IT will ensure that your services are updated and managed securely. They also offer business IT support in Melbourne to ensure the needs of yours. 

Then there is a dedicated server for companies that do not want to keep the server on their site. With this option, you can rent a dedicated server every month through a web host company and you can install additional hardware and can use specified operating systems. Because you will have exclusive use of the server, all of the software and network from the hosting company will be available, meaning you will be allowed to remotely operate and configure everything through a control panel obtainable through a browser. With this kind of server, you can rent the amount of memory, bandwidth and hard disk space that will not interfere with the experience of other clients. When it comes to a dedicated server, one of its veritable advantages is that there it is not as limited as a server that you share, and you can customise it completely. The good news is that unlike a VPS, there will be no disruptions even when another user is abusing it because the server is solely for your business to use. But this server is for bigger businesses that have the financial resources to use and it is not a walk in the park for beginners to set it up.

Then there is the choice of virtual private servers (VPS) which is a single server that is set up and creates multiple virtual servers. A company that uses this server has full access to its operating system and this allows one to configure the server to meet their own requirements without clashing with additional services on the server. This means that this server can also allow a company to host multiple websites and no issues will arise. The positives of a virtual private server are that it is more than easy to set up and is cheaper to use than a dedicated server for businesses that do not have enough financial resources for such an expenditure. However, because this kind of server means you are sharing server resources, there will be a limited number of features available for use. It is not as customisable as a dedicated server and if a company abuses the server, disruptions are possible.

When it comes to server hosting, your decision will be driven by the needs of your business. There is no point getting a limited server when your business experiences high volumes of website traffic that will give users a terrible experience on the site. A dedicated server is recommended for a large business while a start-up company will be fine with a VPS.

How cloud-based services can help your business grow

Welcome to the future, where technology has started to become the centre of everything we do. Gone are the days when companies had to download software onto a computer or server before one could run the program and application. But IT services in Melbourne and the rest of the world has evolved so much and thanks to Cloud-based services, we can access such programs and applications from the internet and not have to worry about space on the hard disk. Other cloud-based services we use include Gmail, Facebook and Instagram as well as Google Drive. This means that staff members can store all their work-related data to the cloud services and if their laptops crash, they can easily get back whatever they lost as a result.

It is also the same if the laptop should be stolen and it contains confidential data. Such services that have what seems like infinite capacity, are perfect for small companies who might not have the financial resources for larger servers that will need to be maintained. For a business that needs to have access to a large amount of data over a secure network connection, cloud services are ideal. For a small company that has bandwidth needs that grow and fluctuate monthly, cloud capacity can easily be increased to meet such demands. This may come in handy for those companies with websites that might experience high traffic during increased sales periods like Black Friday or Christmas Eve shopping. While larger companies have the capital to invest in on-site or managed servers and have the team to maintain and ensure they operate smoothly, the same cannot be said for start-up companies.

With the assistance of cloud services, a company starting out does not have to fork out money on the purchase and maintenance costs of the hardware and server. There are usually no upfront costs involved and a company can pay a monthly cloud subscription, and it will be set up and managed with ease. And once it is set up, it can be utilised immediately instead of waiting for months.  You can rest easy knowing that testing, upgrading and patching of the cloud services, which can take up days every month is not necessary anymore. Because you are hands-off in this department, it means the supplier of your cloud services such as Acclaim IT solutions will assist you with software and security updates which will undoubtedly save you even more time to dedicate on another project or finding ways to grow your business and the services it offers.

What makes cloud-based services more attractive to small businesses is that it is designed to be accessed securely from anywhere around the world using a connected device, be it a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This enables the staff to make real-time changes to documents and sheets whether and be able to track all the edits no matter who did them. If your teammate is on holiday or on sick leave and can’t make it to the office, the task does not stall and continues to move forward. Such a practice avoids the need for people to run up and down with documents and make changes which could take hours to complete. The staff will not be restricted to the office, so they can be mobile and still be able to do their work wherever they are. They can even take their work home, so productivity will not take a knock as a result.

Cloud-based services are perfect for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint. They assist in the elimination of paper usage as all work and edits are completed online and because the server capacity can be controlled, it leads to less power being consumed.

Don’t let your competitors steal the march on you, leaving your business in the dust. If you are searching for IT services in Melbourne and the rest of the country, contact Acclaim IT. They can give you detailed advice on how cloud services can help your business grow into the empire that you dream of.

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