What exactly is server hosting and do you really need it?

August 28, 2018

In the fast paced, digital world of business in Melbourne, service continuity is important to keep your company running at peak and customers connected.

As well as email, websites and internet, most companies have IT hardware resources and software applications that are specific to their business.

A server manages your IT infrastructure, but the cost of purchasing server hardware is out of the reach of many companies and small business. It also requires specialists to maintain it.

Way back in the 1970s, computer managers first began to recognise the dependence of their company’s business on computer systems. With the advent of open systems and real time processing in the 1980s and 1990s, this dependence increased. Regulations also began to be implemented regarding recovery plans. Today, IT systems are the lifeblood of most business.

All of this is costly and beyond the scope of many small or medium business owners whose core competency doesn’t relate to the management and maintenance of IT. In the 2000s, cloud computing brought access to shared pools of system resources that could be configured and secured for each company and managed over the internet.

Server hosting relates to the off-site management and upkeep of IT hardware and services designated for a specific company’s use. It allows companies to reap the benefits of a full IT infrastructure without incurring the associated costs of equipment maintenance, upgrades and training.

This has brought access to an advanced range of IT services and tools to small or medium business owners who could not afford to purchase it themselves and train staff accordingly.

Apart from the obvious affordability benefits, what other benefits does server hosting offer business owners?

  • Server hosting offers better data protection. Server hosting providers protect their servers within sophisticated data centres with advanced protection. This gives a company the type of security that few could achieve on their own.
  • Troubleshooting in times of crisis requires experienced IT experts to solve, and this hasn’t always been at the fingertips of business without a dedicated IT department. Server hosting gives companies access to these specialists who can monitor and troubleshoot problems before they occur.
  • If your business requirements change, server hosting offers scalability without the cost of physically gearing up to meet your future plans. You don’t have to worry about trying to upgrade legacy systems or integrating new software. Server hosting can accommodate any growth with ease.

AcclaimIT offers a variety of server hosting solutions and we’ve been serving clients in Melbourne for many years. Speak to us about choosing and implementing the best managed it solutions in Melbourne for your business.

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